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Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every client through integrated clinical practice, education, and research

Our mission at Stress Management Clinic is to create a safe, compassionate, authentic and caring environment where the psychologist/instructor acts as a guide in helping the clients to make decisions about their individual and professional lives. We assist individuals in recognizing the strengths they already have and find ways to apply their inner gifts in overcoming currents issues. At Stress Management Clinic, we know that an individual is always growing personally and healing is always happening. Sometimes each of us needs support and guidance in our journey.

How Do We Work?

Group Programs are more than support

Stress Management Clinic works with individuals to design tailored solutions. All the programs have been created based on the idea that groups usually work best when members experience similar difficulties and function at similar levels. While group members are a valuable source of support, formal group therapy sessions offer benefits beyond informal self-help and support groups. At these sessions you are taught to proven strategies for managing your specific problem.

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значение имени милана для девочки Stress Management Clinic is using уголовное право таблица состав WebEx Meeting Centre to conduct online courses. All the necessary information how to join the group you can find here.

Our Blog is a source of information based on the most recent findings in the filed of psychology.

A Wisdom of How to Have Stress-Free Life
A couple of weeks ago I attended the Hay House Summit and received quite
How do You React When Facing a Stressful Event?
Many years ago, Freud defined so called “defence mechanisms” to respond to stress exposure.
Stress and Health: How do you adapt to stress on the biological level? – Part II
Last time I was talking about one of the type of allostatic load –

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My attitude and feelings have been completely reset. The Solving Life’s Problem workshop was a special gift… I know that I can face any challenge with trust and optimism.
Alice Carrol
Solving Life’s Problem workshop helped me to find a solution from the situation I found myself after the divorce. The interaction with the classmates allowed to look at my problem from a different prospective and its solution gave me self-confidence.
Steve Lucas
This workbook is well laid out, easy to understand and very user-friendly. It helped to get through a stressful life event I was experienced at that time. I’ve found the workbook particularly useful for coping with depression and stress.
Malcolm M. признаки равенства треугольников таблица More testimonials