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This Self-Help CBT Workbook for видео как играют в симс 4 Depression and http://sneps.com.br/tech/himicheskiy-element-topograficheskaya-tablitsa-v-cheloveka.html химический элемент топографическая таблица в человека Anxiety  provides detailed information about http://www.atsurecompliance.com/tech/greh-v-perevode-s-grecheskogo-oznachaet.html грех в переводе с греческого означает depression, план сказки принцесса на горошине anxiety, and anger. It also includes http://gunnu.com/leon/ndss-zarplati-skolko-protsentov.html ндсс зарплаты сколько процентов activity worksheets based on the Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. This workbook will help you build up your own “ tool bag” to fight depression, anxiety, and anger.


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T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T S


Setting a Goal  (p. 4)

Activity: Establishing SMART Goals for self-help

What is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy? (p. 7)

Activity: Identifying thoughts, feelings, and behaviours

“Five Aspects” Sheet (p. 12)

Understanding the Links between Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours (p. 13)

In Depression

In Anxiety

A Vicious Cycle of Depression (p. 20)

A Vicious Cycle of Anxiety (p. 21)

A Vicious Cycle of Anger (p. 22)

Making Changes in Behaviour (p. 23)

Four Steps to Increasing Activity Levels (p. 25)

Activity: Step 1 – Activities List

Activity: Step 2 – Activities Hierarchy

Activity: Step 3 – Activity Dairy

Activity: Step 4 – Review the Week

Anxiety – Facing Your Fears (p. 30)

Activity: Anxiety Ladder

Activity: Steps for Exposure

Activity: Anxiety Diary

Changing Thoughts (p. 34)

Activities: Three Stages of Challenging Thoughts

Problem-Solving Approach (p. 47)

Activity: Solving-Problem Sheet

Bibliography (p. 49)

A B O U T     T H E     A U T H O R

me_in white_2    Inna Mertsalova, M.Ed., M.Sc., Ph.D. in health psychology, Director, Stress Management Clinic

Inna Mertsalova, Ph.D. is an established psychologist. Her major interest is behavioural patterns such as depression/anxiety and their relationship to heart diseases and cancer. For years, she has been investigating the impact of depression and anxiety on the human’s hormonal and immune systems in order to see how these factors affect physical health. The findings of her research pushed her to help people cope with stressful life events. Combining the existing effective methods of preventing and treating depression/anxiety and enhancing emotional well-being, she is offering stress management programs and workshops, which include a variety of techniques aimed at solving life’s problems that are faced on a day-to-day basis.

This workbook is well laid out, easy to understand and very user-friendly. It helped to get through a stressful life event I was experienced at that time. I’ve found the workbook particularly useful for coping with depression and stress.

Malcolm M.

The author did a great job laying out the principles of CBT in clear language accessible to anyone. The pacing of the workbook makes it practical for dealing with anxiety.  I highly recommend this workbook.

Mary Schmidt